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The best thing about working here is that AGI, as an organisation, doesn’t have any preconceived agenda – because we are working on the priorities of the government. And I think that is the best way.

Eden Getachew

Governance Advisor, Ethiopia

Jobs Listings

Want to build a strong central function that is dedicated to leading the development agenda in Africa? This could be the role for you.
Do you have a passion for African Development? Do you want to be part of an organisation that is committed to doing development differently? This job could be for you
Want to build a new HR team in a growing organisation? Do you have the expertise to contribute to an exciting vision focused on people? Apply within.
Do you have a passion for development in Africa? Are you proactive and excited about the continent's future? This could be the perfect role for you!
Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda and Ethiopia
Could you support the Minister of Energy and his Ministry in the management of a range of priority projects?
Nigeria and Guinea
Have you got the skills and experience to lead one of our in country teams?
Sierra Leone
Could you support Sierra Leonean public servants to plan, finance and implement the major infrastructure projects their country needs?
Could you support the relevant leaders in the Government of Sierra Leone in identifying high priority interventions?
Can't match yourself to a role just yet? We are always looking to hear from speculative candidates with a proven track record of leadership and delivery in the public or private sectors to work as Governance Advisors across Africa.

Working for AGI

We have over 40 staff working across Africa, as well as in the US and UK. Hear from our staff what skills you need to be an AGI Advisor and what it is like to work at the heart of government in Africa. 


What is it like to work at AGI?

Some of our staff in Rwanda, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone describe what it's like to work at AGI - the challenges and the unique nature of the work.
1st April 2015
Rupert Simons, former Country Head of AGI's Liberia project, tells us what it was like to work as an advisor in the President’s office and how AGI helped to get Monrovia's runway repairs on track.
16th July 2015

What's working for AGI like? - Shalini Unnikrishnan

Shalini Unnikrishnan talks about what it was like for her to work at AGI, how valuable it was to her and how unique an experience it is.
16th November 2015
Tim leads our team in Rwanda, which focuses on supporting the government to deliver its development agenda.

What skills do you need to be an AGI Adviser?

We asked some of our advisers living and working in Africa what skills they need to work at the heart of government in Africa. Here's what they told us.
1st May 2015

Eden Getachew

Eden joined the AGI team in the summer of 2014, and has worked in Ethiopia helping the government reach its objectives, since.

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